Own Your Workweek

Whether starting a project, managing a team, or tracking your time
HourStack is where time is made for getting things done.

Collaborative weekly planning and time tracking

Simple Time Management to Help You Do More.

To-do lists build up fast. HourStack helps you make the time to do them all.

  • Allocate time for every item you need work on.
  • Easily visualize team availability.
  • Track your time with accuracy.
  • Collaborate to maximize resource allocation.
For the future

Allocate time for future tasks
to meet deadlines.

For the present

Track time to show your team what
you are working on.

For the past

Report on time and project metrics
to repeat success.

Gather Insights to Create More Efficiencies.

Build time and project reports to better understand your team’s capabilities, eliminate bottlenecks, and plan for future projects.

  • Use custom data segments to build reports.
  • Visualize data with pie charts and graphs.
  • Discover trends in team utilization and tracking.
  • Export reports to Excel, CSV, or save as PDF files.
Custom team reporting
Satisfied HourStack customer

HourStack helps my team stay organized with their workflow and gives us visibility so that we can find ways to improve efficiencies.

— Kendall Brennan, Power Digital Marketing

Seamless integrations

Integrate With Your Favorite Apps For Seamless Planning.

Enhance your existing workflow by integrating popular task management, calendaring and communication apps.

  • Drag & drop tasks from Asana, Trello and Todoist.
  • Import items from Outlook and Google Calendar.
  • Manage your day directly from Slack.
  • Track time on Github and Bitbucket issues.
Several HourStack Integrations

Ready to maximize your team's productivity?