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Easily plan time for your tasks

HourStack brings all of your tasks, todos and events together in one place—then simply drag them over to your week so you know when to work on them, and how much time to spend.

  • Drag your tasks, todos and calendar events over to your week to block out time
  • Start timers on your tasks to see how you actually spend time against your allocation
  • Automatically import project, notes and other information from your task source

Integrations with the apps you already use

HourStack Integrations

Analyze your time with precision

Create in-depth reports to better understand how time is spent across you and your team's week, enabling you to maximize future performance.

  • Run reports across multiple teams, projects and users with full charts and graphs
  • Export your data to Excel, CSV, or PDF
  • Save your reports and data segments as templates to save time in the future
Custom team reporting
Another Satisfied HourStack customer

HourStack allows us to visualize the tasks ahead of us as well as tasks we've completed and provide full transparency to the team.

—Archie Campbell, Vidsy Advertising Agency

Collaborative weekly planning and time tracking

Optimize your team's performance

See your team’s availability at-a-glance to eliminate potential bottlenecks or over allocation and optimize their weekly time utilization.

  • Visualize the utilization for your team, plan and track time on their behalf or let them do it
  • Easily reorganize time entries across members in the workspace by dragging and dropping
  • Grant custom permissions for team members to access only the features you want them to
Satisfied HourStack customer

HourStack helps my team stay organized with their workflow and gives us visibility so that we can find ways to improve efficiencies.

—Kendall Brennan, Power Digital Marketing

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