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Adding Users

Adding users to your workspace is the way to allocate and track time as a team. You will be able to quickly move entries across team members, see what everyone is working on, and have better data in your reports!


Why are my team members seeing the "You do not have permission to view this workspace"?

This occurs when you have been set to "In-active". Contact an admin or the superuser (creator of the workspace) of your workspace and have them set you back to active. NOTE: They may need to upgrade prior to setting you back to active.

Can I add users to multiple teams?

Users can only be attached to one team at a time. This is to keep data accurate on reports so that entries don't get counted multiple times, once for each team.

How do I remove a team member from my workspace?

Simply click the three dots next to their name in the team pane and select 'Remove'. Their data will not be deleted unless they delete their account, but they will no longer have access to this workspace.

What's the difference between removing users and 'Deactivating' them?

Users that are in-active will not have access to the workspace, but all previously allocated and tracked time will still appear in reports. Removing a user from your workspace will not delete their data, but will prevent their data from appearing in reports.