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Calendar Integrations

Schedule time with your preferred calendar apps, then easily drag the events you need to track onto your HourStack week.


Why doesn't my calendar automatically sync?

We've intentionally not auto-populated your HourStack week with your calendar events to avoid potential sync issues between the two apps. We also couldn't accurately predict what does and doesn't need to be on your week (i.e. birthdays, reminders, etc.) so we've opted to allow you the flexibility of adding specific events to your week.

Is the integration a two-way sync?

No. Our integrations are meant to be used as a way to bring data into HourStack with ease for allocation and tracking. We don't send any data back to the integrated app once you've dragged the event onto your week (i.e. updating the name on your HourStack week will not update the name in your calendar and vice versa).