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Standard Integrations

Our integrations with Asana, Todoist, Trello, Github, and Bitbucket all work in much the same way. Filter through your tasks, cards, or issues and drag them onto your HourStack week for allocation and tracking.


Why doesn't my calendar automatically sync?

Many task management tools are great for setting deadlines, but HourStack helps for planning the work and time required to meet those deadlines. We don't automatically drop tasks/cards/issues onto your week based on the deadline as they will most likely need to be worked on prior to this date.

Why does the item remain in the integration pane after I've dragged it onto my week?

Many tasks require multiple days of work before they are complete so rather than hiding them from view, we've opted to show which tasks have been allocated by "greying out" tasks that are currently allocated on someone's week.

Is the integration a two-way sync?

No. Our integrations are meant to be used as a way to bring data into HourStack with ease for allocation and tracking. We don't send any data back to the integrated app once you've dragged the task onto your week (i.e. updating the name on your HourStack week will not update the name in your integrated app and vice versa).