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Zapier Integration

Zapier is a third-party integration platform that allows you to create custom integrations between your favorite apps. In the video below, an integration is created where starting a timer in HourStack sets my Slack status to the timing entry.


Will Zapier create a two-way sync?

No. Zapier is meant to lean solely on the trigger->action relationship rather than syncing two items. As an example, in the tutorial video above a Slack status is set by starting a timer in HourStack. Stopping this timer will not change my status back unless I explicitly set up an integration to change my status when a timer is stopped.

Is Zapier free?

To make full use of Zapier, you must pay though they do offer a very generous free plan that is limited by how many integrations you need to fire every month. If you hit your limit, the integrations will simply not fire until the month resets.